The pictures you see on this page are a guide only, as each item is individually hand-painted and glazed and may be in completely different colours. The glazes are chosen according to the whim of the artist at the time.

There is no guarantee that a specific item shown here will be in the shop or at the shows when you visit - this is just a guide to the kind of things that Kerry makes.

All products have weatherproof glazes and can be used as garden ornaments.

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Forget your usual pre-conceptions about gnomes - these highly appealing superior "alternative" gnomes are in another league.

Everybody seems to love them - even those who thought they hated gnomes!

Eric the Gnome    Alfred the Gnome - with attached plant pot    Ned the Gnome   

 Garth the Gnome - with plant pot head    Monty the Gnome    Wilfred the Whittling Gnome   Three Stone Stack

The Green Man

This range of wall-hanging masks has proved to be very popular.

"The Green Man" is thought to have originated as a Pagan symbol of fertility - although carvings of him also abound in many old Christian churches (see Mike Harding's excellent site for more information here.)

    Green Man     Oak-Leaf Green Man     Green Woman

    Leaf-faced Green Man     Butterfly Green Man  


A range of lovely natural-looking animals,

to sit among the plants & flowerbeds in your garden.

Lying Rabbit    Red Squirrels      Lying Cat #1    Lying Cat #2

 Seahorse    Gecko   

Cat'n'Fish Wind-Chimes    Rabbit'n'Carrots Wind-Chimes

Hedgehog    Cute Little Puppy


Mushrooms and Toadstools, in various shapes, colours and sizes



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